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Everything about Open Access - the rise and fall.

On 21st of December, 2016, The Second National Open Access Workshop dedicated to the Research Data was hosted by the National Academy of Economic Sciences with all interested parties attending - the major funding agencies, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Prime Ministry Chancery, National Meteorological Administration, repository representatives, representatives of Open Data Coalition, and NGO representatives. This edition has been focused on the very important topic of data, the management of the research data.

The aim was to make an European context for the possible actions on the national level. The second target was to find the proper incentives for advancing on the Open Sciences path.

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openaccesslogoWith great satisfaction we inform you that Open Access became in Romania the main „access to knowledge” as the brand new National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation promoted it. The last cycle of policies in research, development and innovation has finished and a new period opened spanning until 2020. The new document was approved in Bucharest on 21st of October and ratified by the Romanian Government on 28th.
The new Strategy is aligned with the European policies - Innovation Union and takes traits of the new Horizon 2020 financing instrument.

Taking a look at the country profile put by the DG Research in the Research and Innovation performance in the EU Innovation Union progress at country level brings some realities concerning the valorisation of the research in terms of presence:

the share of national scientific publications in the top 10 % most-cited publications worldwide has declined slightly in recent years.
Overall, the number of international co-publications with other European countries is the lowest in Europe, suggesting that Romania does not benefit sufficiently from the international knowledge flows favoured by the ERA architecture.[...]
Demand for knowledge is weak and there is an underdeveloped innovation culture.

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A collection of 8 articles by leading academics and publishers reflecting on the challenges of open access publication for humanities and social sciences.DebatingOpenAcccessBritishAcademyCover

Featuring contributions from:

Rita Gardner
Stuart M. Shieber
Chris Wickham
Stephen Curry
Martin Paul Eve
Ziyad Marar
Robin Osborne
Nigel Vincent

Download a copy (PDF 887 KB)


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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23rd May 2013
Goodenough College, London


The past years funders’ policies are playing an important role in the future of scholarly communication affecting the way HEIs publish and disseminate publicly funded research results.


In the UK, both the Finch report and the RCUK policy supported gold open access publishing and introduced a new level of discussion among librarians and repository managers about article processing fees, licenses, funds and whether compliance with these policies will shift the future of institutional repositories.


This one-day event will focus on the major funders’ policies and reports, such as the Finch report, and the RCUK and Wellcome Trust policies. You will learn everything you need to know about policies’ compliance terms, their revisions and creative commons licenses. Furthermore, the issues concerning evaluation of research outputs, such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and the future of institutional repositories will be widely addressed.


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The Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP) recognizes individuals who have applied scientific research – published through Open Access – to innovate in any field and benefit society. Anyone can nominate an individual or team. Individuals are also free to nominate themselves.

Sponsors ASAP plos 2013

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Here you may find resources cencerning reward mechanisms for those who operate and evengelize Open Access.