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A collection of 8 articles by leading academics and publishers reflecting on the challenges of open access publication for humanities and social sciences.DebatingOpenAcccessBritishAcademyCover

Featuring contributions from:

Rita Gardner
Stuart M. Shieber
Chris Wickham
Stephen Curry
Martin Paul Eve
Ziyad Marar
Robin Osborne
Nigel Vincent

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.



Chris Wickham and Nigel Vincent (PDF file - 157 KB)


Open access and learned societies
Rita Gardner (PDF file - 210 KB)


Ecumenical open access and the Finch Report principles
Stuart M. Shieber (PDF file - 198 KB)

Open access in the UK and the international environment
Chris Wickham (PDF file - 182 KB)


Political, cultural and technological dimensions of open access
Stephen Curry (PDF file - 202 KB)


Before the law: open access, quality control and the future of peer review
Martin Paul Eve (PDF file - 194 KB)


Creating scholarly knowledge in the digital age
Ziyad Marar (PDF file - 194 KB)


Why open access makes no sense
Robin Osborne (PDF file - 168 KB)


The monograph challenge
Nigel Vincent (PDF file - 189 KB)